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Medical ear piercing with a physician is the safest way to pierce your child’s ears because it can lower the risk of infections and minimize issues with allergic reactions. 


 What are the benefits of medical ear piercing? 


For decades, pediatricians have been treating infected earlobes in babies and young children because of improper or nonsterile piercing techniques commonly offered by jewelry shops at the mall. Because of this ongoing issue, Dr. Bouallali provides medical ear piercing services at One Pediatrics in a calm and safe environment.


She takes her time explaining every step of the process and: 

• Counsels you about proper home care and how to prevent infections 

• Gets your child updated on immunizations beforehand 

• Ensures your child’s ears are well-developed 


How does Dr B. pierce my child’s ears? 


Medical ear piercing is done in a sterile environment and before getting started, Dr. B. marks your child’s ears in the desired location for piercing and disinfects your child’s ears. The next step involves placing the sterile earrings into an ear-piercing instrument. Placing the studs is a quick process and any discomfort is very brief. 


When can my child have their ears pierced? 


Generally, Dr B. recommends starting from no earlier than 2 months of age, depending on the size of your child's earlobe. Because it can be tricky to get a toddler to hold still for the procedure, if you do want to pierce your baby’s ears, it’s usually better to have the procedure done at a younger age. 



The cost is $100 and includes a pair of medical grade 24 karat gold plated earrings. 


To book your little one’s ear piercing session, please call the office at (703) 445-3472.

Non-patients of One Pediatrics are welcome to schedule an appointment for this service. 

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